This Mom Couldn’t Wait to Get Her Toddler the COVID-19 Vaccine

covid-19 vaccine

Midwesterner, Jennifer, couldn’t wait to vaccinate her toddler, Alexandra, against COVID. We interviewed Jennifer to ask her about her motivation and see how she and Alexandra feel now.

How old is Alexandra?
She’s two and a half.

When did Alexandra get her COVID-19 vaccination?
August 8th was her second shot.

Was there any specific deciding factor in whether to vaccinate your daughter?
Not really; I want my daughter to be protected against the virus.

Did you ever consider not vaccinating Alexandra?
Not for one second! I always knew I wanted her to be vaccinated. She had been vaccinated for everything else. I wanted her protected the best I could.

Was she scared or nervous at all?
She was a little nervous, but then she was fine once she got her stickers.

Did you feel any pressure not to vaccinate her or get it?
Yes, but I am her Mother, and I know what’s best for her, so I got her vaccinated.

Did Alexandra experience any side effects?
No, none.

How do you feel now that she’s vaccinated?
I feel so much better knowing that she has all her vaccines, including her Covid vaccines.

Is there any advice you would give to another parent that might be nervous about vaccinating their child?
To other parents, I would ask, why would you not vaccinate your child? Because someone else or another news station told you it was bad for them? Why wouldn’t you protect your child the best you could? Our children have been vaccinated since day one, and they have to be vaccinated to go to most schools. Why wouldn’t you get them their Covid vaccines? Talk to their pediatrician about it, please.

Jenn C. is from Chicago. Besides being mom to Alexandra, she works in Finance. In her spare time, Jenn loves spending time with her husband, daughter, and their French bulldog.

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