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Social Media: A Guide to Sharing Responsibly

Social Media has become a large part of our daily lives. Sharing factual content plays an important role in combatting vaccine misinformation.

Town Hall Series: “Vaccines–Yesterday & Today”

Click Here to view the video: Town Hall Series: “Vaccines–Yesterday & Today”

Vaccinate Indiana PSA’s

Vaccinate Indiana PSA Vaccines Are Safe PSA IIC Flu PSA (:15) IIC Flu PSA (:30) HPV PSA (:30) HPV PSA (:15) Chickenpox PSA Measles PSA Shingles PSA Pneumococcal PSA Pertussis PSA

Immunization Videos

Click here to view Immunization Videos from the National Association of County and City Health Officials (NACCHO)

How safe are we? The Role of Vaccines in Protecting your Community

Courtesy of Vax Northwest

IIC Flu #2 Radio PSA

IIC Flu #2 Radio PSA

IIC Flu #1 Radio PSA

IIC Flu #1 Radio PSA

Tdap Vac and Friends Visit the Classroom

Pertussis, also known as “Whooping Cough,” is making a comeback. When you get the Tdap Vaccine, not only are you protecting yourself, but you are also reducing the chance of transmitting the disease to someone else. Infants are especially vulnerable to Pertussis. Two infants…

The Vaccine Song

This upbeat tune covers many vaccine misconceptions and highlights the benefits of how vaccines can help prevent vaccine preventable diseases. “Click Here” to see the Vaccine Song

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