We offer immunization services for your school, business, community organization, or health-focused event with our mobile vaccination clinics. We come to you!

Step 1: Click the button to contact us.
We will need to know some preferred dates, the length of time, and the
approximate number of people you expect in order to plan. There is no
cost to book an event.

Step 2: Let’s make a plan.
Our clinic manager will contact you to confirm scheduling and get more
details. We can offer a variety of vaccines to all age groups.

Step 3: Tell your group. 
We will provide an online registration site for you to distribute prior to the
event. We accept most types of insurance, including Medicare, Medicaid
and federal programs for the uninsured and underinsured

Step 4: You set up the area and we do the rest. 
Typically, we need tables, chairs, and electrical outlets as we do not have a mobile vehicle. We can accommodate many environments, including outdoor events.

Step 5: A healthier community!
We will clean up and disinfect before we leave. You can rest easy knowing your
community is more protected against dangerous diseases!