Requesting a Clinic

Who can request a clinic?
Any school, business, or community group can request a vaccination clinic. We are happy to vaccinate students, employees, and the general public. Community clinics need to be well-advertised or held in a high-traffic area for the best results. There is no cost to the hosting organization.

Where are clinics typically located?
Small clinics can be held in classrooms, conference rooms, cafeterias, or any other semi-private space. Large clinics, such as those held on university campuses, require more coordination but have been successfully held in ballrooms, meeting spaces, and gymnasiums. Outdoor and drive-thru clinics are also viable, weather permitting.

What does the host site supply?
The host site must have tables, chairs, access to electricity, password-protected wifi, and an interpreter if needed.

Do you have a vehicle that serves as a clinic space, like a bloodmobile?
We do not have a clinic vehicle at this time so space must be provided for the clinic.

How much notice do you need to plan a clinic?
To properly promote the clinic and plan for staffing, we suggest requesting a clinic at least 3-4 weeks in advance. However, because certain times of the year fill up quickly, we encourage you to request a date as much as one year in advance.

How many individuals are required to preregister?
We require 15 individuals to preregister using our online registration link at least 48 hours prior to the start of the clinic. If there are not 15 individuals preregistered, IIC reserves the right to cancel the clinic.

Do you accept walk-ins at the clinic?
Yes. We accept walk-ins once the 15-person preregistration requirement has been met.

The Vaccination Process

What is the cost for the patient?
We accept most forms of insurance, including Medicare and Medicaid. For those who do not have insurance, we will administer publicly funded vaccine. There is no fee for the patient.

What ages do you vaccinate?
We vaccinate all ages.

What vaccines do you offer?
We offer all ACIP recommended vaccines: TDaP/ DTaP, Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, HiB, Polio, Influenza (Seasonal), MMR, Human Papillomavirus, Meningitis, Pneumonia, Varicella, Rotavirus, Shingles, and COVID. We have a limited supply of the shingles vaccine, so please contact us if you are interested. We do not currently offer travel vaccines.

Who administers the vaccines?
Vaccines are administered by licensed or certified health professionals with vaccination as part of their training. This includes professionals such as doctors, nurses, paramedics, and medical assistants. Providers can apply to be in the provider contractor pool by clicking the Open Positions-Work at a Clinic tab on the website.

School-Specific Questions

Can you come to a school to vaccinate students?
Yes. We can set up in a semi-private area, such as a classroom or office.

Do parents need to be present? How do you get consent?
Our online consent portal allows parents to fill out paperwork and sign a consent in advance. If this paperwork is completed, parents do not need to be present at vaccination.

How does a school vaccine clinic usually work?
The online consent form is sent to parents in advance. On the day of vaccination, students who have forms completed are called down a few at a time for vaccination and sent back to class. This minimizes instructional time missed. After school or evening clinics are also possible – contact us and we can work with you!

Do the vaccinations go into CHIRP?
Yes. All vaccinations are automatically loaded into the CHIRP database.