Important Documents

Membership Meeting Documents:
6-21-12 Agenda
6-21-12 Meeting Slides
6-21-12 Unofficial Vaccine Preventable Disease Summary Report (January-May 2012)
6-21-12 “Eradicating Cervical Cancer in Indiana” Webinar Series Info
6-21-12 Meeting Minutes (coming soon…)
3-15-12 Membership Meeting Agenda
3-15-12 Membership Meeting Slides
3-15-12 Meeting Minutes
11-17-11 Agenda
11-17-11 Membership Meeting Slides
11-17-11 Vaccine Preventable Diseases in Indiana (Angela Cierzniewski, MPH)
11-17-11 Meeting Minutes
9-15-11 Agenda
9-15-11 Slides
9-15-11 Slides: Speaker Tina Darling
3-17-11 Meeting Minutes

IIC Position Papers
Endorsement of the Vaccine Schedule Recommended by the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) (February 2012)
Immunize Health Care Workers Against Influenza (September 2012)

IIC Press Releases
HPV Forum (1-5-12)
HPV Vaccine (1-31-12)
Norther Indiana Immunization Task Force Joins Forces with IIC (1-10-12)

IIC Important Documents
Indiana Immunization Task Force Progress Report (5-31-12)
Immunization Action Coalition Meningococcal Vaccination Fact Sheet

IIC Vaccine Preventable Disease Fact Sheets
Hepatitis A
Hepatitis B

Pertussis Prevention
Pertussis Vaccine Outreach Letter 2012

IIC Annual School Nurse Webinar
9-27-11 School Nurse Webinar Slides
Confidential Report of Communicable Diseases (CDR) State Form 43823
CHIRP User Group Meeting Schedule 2012

2012 School Nurse Webinar

Password to view: immunize
IIC School Nurse Webinar 2012 from IIC Live on Vimeo.

Click Here to view 6-21-12 Membership Meeting

Dr. Graves 5.18.11
ISDH Health Officer Meeting
2012 Indiana Update (From Pink Book Training)-Dr. Duwve
3-15-12 Billing 101 Forum Agenda
3-15-12 Billing 101 Forum Slides
3-15-12 How to Start Billing Medicaid in Indiana (Debra Doctor, RN PHN Huntington County Department of Health)

Indiana State Department of Health Information
Neisseria miningitidis Resource Manual (5-3-12)
ISDH Meningococcal Disease Page
Wastage and Reimbursement Policy (7-11-12)
Dr. Larkin: VaxCare Letter
VaxCare FAQs
Measles Press Release from ISDH (2-14-12)
Local Health Department Letter
Childhood Vaccine Eligibility Statement-February 2012
Adult Vaccine Eligibility Statement-February 2012
Adult Vaccine Eligibility Statement FAQs-February 2012
Adult Vaccine Provider Profile and Agreement
Immunization Provider Vaccine Storage Unit Certification

County Health Departments
Howard County HD Eligibility Letter to Parents
Howard County HD Eligibility Letter to Providers
Porter County HD Eligibility Letter
Porter County Sample Algorithm for Vaccination Appointments

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Information
Vaccine Storage and Handling Guide (December 2011)
Dr. Schuchat 8.6.10 Letter to Providers

Community News
Meningococcal Meningitis Survivor Nick Springer at Westiew Schools (4-30-12)
Meningococcal Meningitis Survivor Nick Springer in Michigan City (5-1-12)
Meningococcal Meningitis Survivor Nick Springer in Lafayette (5-2-12)

VIS Updates
LAIV VIS 2011-2012
Inactivated Influenza 2011-2012
Influenza (Inactivated) July 2012
Influenza (Live, Intranasal) July 2012

Flu Booklet
CDC Influenza Key Points (6-30-11)

We Can Do Better With Teen Vaccination
(Indiana Chapter American Academy of Pediatrics) April 4, 2012

Senate Resolution 0031 – Section 1. That the Indiana Senate encourages the continues use of vaccines for the citizens of Indiana  (2012)

ACOG Documents
ACOG Handout
ACOG Letter
ACOG Site Visit Materials



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