How Important is HPV Vaccine for Preteens and Teens? Ask Kristen’s Dad.

Kristen and Kirk Forbes photoOur daughter Kristen enjoyed a normal, happy childhood. She was a good student, played rugby, cello and guitar. Her life was filled with promise. She graduated from college with a successful career path before her. Then tragedy struck. She was diagnosed with cervical cancer. Eleven months later she died at the age of 23. You try to protect your children. You remember the good times. You cherish the memories. You pray it never happens again. It doesn’t have to happen. Cervical cancer has one main cause: HPV. That makes it almost 100% preventable. The HPV vaccine could have saved Kristen’s life. Protect your children. Vaccinate them. −Kristen’s Dad

Kristen passed away from cervical cancer, a cancer caused by human papillomavirus  (HPV). HPVis a very common virus that spreads by sexual contact. More than half of men and women will get infected with HPV at some point in their life, but most won’t know when they have it. HPV infections can cause cervical cancer in women and penile cancer in men. HPV can also cause throat and mouth cancer, anal cancer, and genital warts in both men and women.

But, you can help protect your child from these cancers with the HPV vaccine.

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